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World Equestrian Games, TRYON 2018

Our athletes, both human and equine, strive to achieve excellence in the sport of equestrian vaulting: dance and gymnastics on horseback. Our club knows both national and international success, and is home to multiple time national champions and world championship competitors.

The World Equestrian Games (WEG) 2018 will be held on US soil in Tryon, North Carolina. It is the greatest honor to compete at what is often considered the Olympics of horse sports. Pacific Coast Vaulters has athletes training to represent the USA in equestrian vaulting at the games in 2018. 

Our national federation partially funds our competing at WEG, but a large part of our costs must be covered out of pocket. The largest of these will be the safe and expedient transportation of our equine partners from California to North Carolina. This is paramount in ensuring our athletes have a strong showing on the world stage. 

Additionally, we have a period of four months in the spring and summer where we will be frequently competing across the country in selection trials to qualify.

Pacific Coast vaulters are in a prime position to reach their goals. with top ranked males, females, PDD's and Squads. 

We are a non profit 501(c) Organization. With your support we continue to provide a safe and friendly program where athletes of all ages can develop fitness, coordination, and healthy lifestyles with Equestrian Vaulting. Your donations help us support our High performance Athletes to represent the USA at these prestigious World Equestrian Games. 

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Pacific Coast Vaulting Club
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