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History of Pacific Coast Vaulting Club.

Founded in 1998, by Sydney Frankel with the insight to provide safe and wonderful horses to a sport she had grown to love.

Sydney's benevolence has benefited vaulters from all over the World. The Frankel's home as been a home away from home to endless generations of vaulters. Sydney has prided herself on being able to loan her horses to vaulters in need. Below is a Great example of Sydney's generous nature; her horse Sir Anthony Van Dyck was flown to Mannheim, Germany to the 2000 World Championships where he carried USA vaulters Kerith Lemon and Devon Maitozo where both received a bronze medal for the USA.

Sydney and Pacific Coast Vaulting Club continue their support of the USA vaulters by donating their facility to the USEF for High Performance Training Camps.

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